Kasia Manolas lives in Chicago where she spends her time reading, writing, and obsessing about how to tell more stories in better ways. Her first novel, MT, received an honorable distinction in the 2018 CWA First Chapter Contest.

A graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison, she’s lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, and California. Kasia is a contributing editor for the Windy City Review, a manuscript reviewer at Curbside Publishing, and her writing is published across the web, including in BooksByWomen.org and Literally, Darling. 

Kasia is writing a second novel, while submitting MT to literary agents who represent upmarket thrillers.

Name & Heritage

Kasia (Κασία) is Greek American. She’s part Spartan, Naxian, Cretan, and Corinthian. Her name is pronounced kah-see-uh.

The greek spelling of her name Cassia (or Kassia) comes from the ancient Greek word for cinnamon. A cassia tree or bush has yellow flowers and creates the cinnamon spice.

Her name also ties to Saint Kassiani, a Byzantine abbess, poet, and feminist heroine.