MT is narrated in alternation by two voice-driven characters: Remy Rouge and Oliver Reid.

It’s 2027 in Chicago and Memory Technology (MT) is a commercial success. It allows individuals to record, re-watch, and—if they choose to—forget memories.

Remy is helping her client, Oliver, build a home on his newly inherited land. As Remy builds Oliver a fresh start, she is overcome with a vexing feeling that Oliver is too familiar to be a stranger. Could he be the man she made herself forget?

Oliver Reid is Chicago PD’s expert in MT. His story begins with his visit to Sylvia Havisham, the mother of a murder victim. She grants Oliver permission to watch the last six months of her daughter’s memories. As Oliver watches Marilyn’s memories unfold, he discovers she had a stalker, a man named Jack whose wife went missing four years earlier. Oliver can’t wrap his head around the questions surrounding Jack, or the strangeness of Sylvia Havisham. And why do Jack’s wife and Marilyn look eerily similar?

The truth about Oliver and Remy, and the truth about Marilyn’s murder, comes to fruition as the story unravels intermingling moments of the present and past.