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Manifest the life you deserve for less than a dollar a day.


90% of our Pathway Members reported manifesting something on their list when they did our workshops daily! Want to learn more?



Get access to all of our workshops for less than a dollar a day (over $900 value). Perfect for anyone looking to uproot deeply ingrained patterns and create massive, transformational shifts.


Get access to all of our workshops for less than a dollar a day (over $900 value). Perfect for anyone looking to uproot deeply ingrained patterns and create massive, transformational shifts.


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What is Manifestation?


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How to Manifest Anything With Spiritual Manifestations?

Are you struggling to manifest your desires? Are you wondering how to use the law of attraction? There are hundreds of books, podcasts, and websites that will tell you to ‘think positive’ and ‘stay in the vortex’. But if you’re using positive affirmations and reading self improvement books with no results, it’s time to take a different approach to manifest reality.

Through my manifestation process, you can learn to manifest destiny and really anything you want. To attract money or manifest love, the process is always the same. My process is completely different than the ‘think positive’ rhetoric you may be familiar with. The key to manifestation is raising your self worth through subconscious reprogramming, expanding your belief of what is possible, and passing tests.

How to Manifest Your Dreams?

The old model of manifestation would ask you to create a vision board to manifest your destiny. Maybe you’ve been repeating the same affirmation hundreds of times a day to manifest happiness and yet nothing is coming through. You’re running in circles, trying to figure out the laws of the universe. I get it because I’ve been there. 

After years of trial and error, I learned that results come when you reprogram your subconscious mind, commit to shadow work, and raise your self worth. The law of attraction is based on self worth. And with authentic worth, anything you desire can manifest.

How To Manifest Money Without Wealth Affirmations?

You can study the science of getting rich, but unless you’ve addressed your limiting belief systems, you will struggle to manifest wealth. To manifest money requires more than careful budgeting or asking for a raise at work. Money affirmations won’t get you there, either. If you’re operating from a lack mentality, you’ll call in more lack. Check out some of our programs and learn how to attract money today!

Growing up, many of us picked up subconscious programming around money. Perhaps you learned that money was hard to come by or that you are undeserving of having nice things. While in your conscious mind, you may believe that you deserve a raise, your subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts. The secret to money is believing you are worth it, subconsciously. Until you can do this; you will not be able to attract an abundance of money.


 After all of this, you may be wondering what is manifestation or what is the law of attraction? Put simply, the law of attraction is the universal principle that you will attract what you believe you are worth. This is why my manifestation process is built around rewiring the subconscious and raising your self worth.

Self-worth is the value we put upon ourselves, or how we see our own value. It’s common to confuse self worth with self esteem. Self-worth is how we value ourselves in the long run, whereas self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves in any given moment, which can ebb and flow quite frequently.

Our self-worth develops from subconscious programming we experience between the ages of 0-25. Any pain, shame, abandonment, or trauma that we faced throughout those first years of life create a foundation of low self worth that lives on the subconscious level. In order to surpass limited self worth, you must reprogram your thinking.