“MT is a very cool book, a fun and exuberant whodunnit with a clever updating of Philip K. Dick-ian ideas and the engine of a smart mystery novel.”

-Augustus Rose

“Kasia Manolas’ first novel, MT, is a captivating mix of Gone Girl, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Kurt Vonnegut’s science fiction; it’s complex conceptually and loaded with literary allusions. MT places characters twenty years in the future and gives them access to a memory erasing technology, which seems to be a simple, beneficial tool used to eliminate mental anguish, particularly for crime victims or those suffering with PTSD. But what if the tool is used to escape feelings of guilt, or is used to create a deceitful second chance? MT explores how memories affect our choices and thereby our futures– even if we don’t have them anymore. A page-turner for sure, but long after finishing the book, readers will be pondering, “What if?”

-Beth Sallmann Zender


In 2027, the Government releases their newest advancement: Memory Technology. It allows individuals to digitalize, re-watch, and if they choose to- technologically erase memories from their minds.

Oliver Reid, a detective in Chicago, uses MT to watch the last six months of Marilyn Oak’s memories after she is shot to death in her mother’s bedroom. As Marilyn’s memories unfold, Oliver discovers she had a stalker, a man whose wife went missing four years earlier.

Remy Rouge is building Oliver a home on his newly inherited land. As time goes on, she begins to realize Oliver is more than a stranger. The truth about their history, and the truth about Marilyn’s murder, comes to fruition as the story unravels intermingled moments of the present and past.

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Constructing Visuals Based on Thoughts

Scientists Explore the Illusion of Memory


In April 2016, I began researching my second novel. WW will be the story of a girl named Sevyn, a PhD candidate whose recent trauma derails her life. The story will explore the “wild woman” archetype, the body as a landscape, and the relationship between devastation and inspiration.

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For literary agents who would like a copy of the MT manuscript, please contact me at kasiamanolas@gmail.com.

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